We Make Television Work:


For Ministry Programs.

We can help spike your church attendance by placing 30-second ads on local cable networks like ESPN, HGTV, TLC, and Spike. Believe it or not, on the national average, those ads cost $35-50 each. With this consistent exposure in your community - which creates top of mind awareness - people are going to start thinking and talking about your church in ways they've never done before.

We can help increase your ministry's reach and influence by placing your 30-minute TV program on local networks like FOX or CBS. We can also position your program on mainstream networks (USA, WGN, ABC Family, Discovery) or Christian networks (Daystar, TBN, Word Network)--all the while making sure you get the best time slot for the best rate.

For Films.

We execute marketing campaigns for films -- on both national and local cable networks.
Sony Pictures needed to target faith-based families for "Soul Surfer," a story about the struggle and triumph of a Christian surfer girl whose arm was bitten off by a shark. We positioned TV commercials in the top 25 markets on Discovery Channel, USA, and Lifetime around faith-based programming to help Sony hit their target and spread the news about the movie. The film debuted at Number 4 in the box office for opening weekend, totaling $11.1 million in ticket sales.

For Books.

We connect publishers with their faith-based audience.
Hachette Word wanted to increase the sales of their Christian books but they didn't know any specialists in that area. They contacted Tim (courtesy of a mutual friend) and listened to him explain his plan. They liked it, so they decided to run a test with an upcoming Joyce Meyer book. We positioned some TV ads on stations where Christians were watching, and waited to see what the results would be. Hachette Word was so pleased with the resulting book sales that they now enlist our help to promote their books each year--including those by Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes.



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